I'm Saera, and I'm an IT person who makes software, hardware, videos and more. I'm not terribly good but I enjoy what I do. I am usually found doing some type of programming, usually using some random API (or making my own!).

Recent projects I've worked on/been a part of include:
Beat Saber World Cup 2024, Beasties 2023, CC Rewind 2023, Extra Sensory II Teaser Trailer, NotOutYet, NullSearchFix, and CustomMenuText.

I'm also a Cube Community editor. I manage the Noodle Map Monday series, where we showcase the fun and cool stuff the community has put together with various mods. If you want to play the maps yourself, you can find the link to each map in the video description, or you can find a playlist with every map here. This playlist is usually updated within a couple hours of a video coming out.

You can find stuff I'm involved with and other socials down below. You can contact me on Twitter at @Saeraphinx or on Discord as Saeraphinx.
Keep in note I keep my discord somewhat blocked off, so you will either need to send me a friend request (sometimes off) or you will need to be in one of the servers I'm in in order to message me. I have DMs on in the BSMG discord server, Cube Community discord server, and in Grazzy's discord server.