Ranking Overseer
Ranking Overseer is a bot that helps manage the review queue for BeatLeader's ranking system. The bot is written in TypeScript & discord.js, and uses the core of Luma as a base.

Luma is a private bot made as a replacement for MEE6 that currently exclusively handles levels, birthdays, and role reactions. It was developed by me after MEE6 began locking many of its previously free features behind their premium tier and began primarily focusing on Non Fungible Tokens and Cryptocurrency. The bot features customizable XP gain and levels, and has absorbed both of the bots below. Due to its use in Grazzy's discord server, it has significantly more features now. The bot is written in Node/discord.js, with a recent rewrite shifting to TypeScript.

NewMapBot is a bot that sends a message in a discord channel when a new map is posted by a set of mappers. It connects to the BeatSaver WebSocket to receive data, and works in multiple servers. It is currently used in the JLCMapping discord server. The bot is written in TypeScript & discord.js, and uses LumaV2 as a base.

BoopBot is a bot that allows for users to boop other users and gain XP for it. It is a private bot in use in only a handful of my friend's discord servers and features a cross-server leaderboard and XP boosts daily. The bot is written in Node/discord.js.

WholesomeCountingBot is a bot that facilitates countng in Alphie's discord server. It was written and started after the server was at about 12700, and deletes any message that doesn't include the next number. The bot is written in Node/discord.js.